[ FOCUS ] Maxime, Business Developer at MCA BENELUX

On the blog today we introduce you to Maxime, Business Developer at MCA BENELUX.

Hi Maxime, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Maxime, a Belgian from the Namur region. In my youth I did fencing, scouting, fire cadets,... and many other things before I started studying in the field of human resources. The basic ambition was to join the police force but I understood that there were many other interesting opportunities out there. I graduated in 2017 from these HR studies and started working at MCA in January 2018 as a recruiter and now as a business developer.

I think I'm an easy-going person who will always find ways to not have to worry too much, not time for that. My weak point being my inability to refuse a drink. ;)

How did you hear about MCA in the very beginning?

I didn't know the company at all and even the field of consulting. I posted my CV on a job board and was contacted afterwards.

Did you had an interest in engineering when you applied, or not at all?

Not at all! It was a real discovery.

Which industrial sector are you most interested in?

At MCA I work mainly for the pharmaceutical and energy sectors, but all industrial sectors are interesting to me. I have a preference for energy.

If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would it be?

Young, challenging, formative.

Your best memory at MCA?

Especially seminar evenings / afterworks!

Your evolution within MCA?

I arrived as a recruiter in January 2018 and everything went well for me, so in 2019 I offered myself as a Business Developer, which is what I am today. Hopefully it goes well! There's work to be done, that's for sure. But it's a great challenge that I'm happy to take up.

A "fun fact" about you?

This night boat trip to Malta during the seminar last April was epic.

Your favorite dish?

I eat everything, except coriander!

The last Netflix series you watched?

Bad Blood.

Your hobby outside work?

I love nature in general and everything that lends itself to it (hiking, kayaking,...), history and I also love Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but it's not just outside of work.

Your advice for those who would like to have the same job as you?

Being new to the job, I am also taking advices, but at first sight I would advise you to learn how to manage your time well and understand what the priorities are.

Thank you Maxime for participating in this interview, we wish you a good continuation for the future!

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