[ FOCUS ] Herman, Consultant at MCA Engineering Nederland

Today on the blog we introduce you to Herman, project manager at MCA Engineering Nederland.

Hello Herman, could you present yourself in a few words?

Sure, my name is Herman coming from Gothenburg Sweden to MCA Netherlands in August this year.

Have been working in different industries from IT to Telecommunication and even last 5 years in automotive industry (Volvo Cars).

Have got one master’s in telecom and another one in marketing which have given me a better helicopter view at my work to see issues from different angles.

How did you first got in touch with MCA Nederland?

I knew MCA from long time ago in Sweden but recently before summer I got to know my manager Kimberly via LinkedIn and the whole process started after a nice productive phone call with her.

Were you always passionate about the engineering industry?

Since childhood I have been always excited about technology advances mostly space sciences and spacecraft. Then I chose to study in computer engineering and the journey started.

Which industrial sector are you the most interested in? Projects or innovations that interest you the most?

I am really interested in telecom and automotive. Nowadays I am interested very much in autonomous drive projects which use AI and Machine learning techniques.

If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would it be?

Let me put it in 3 phrases instead: Cool & Young, Warm & Friendly, and Fast & Agile

Best memory within MCA ?

For me the best memory was the first day I moved to Eindhoven when our HR assistant Kiki, came to the train station with her car to take me and my luggage to the rented apartment which she arranged for me. It is a priceless help when you arrive with big suitcases very tired and exhausted and you see someone is waiting for you with a friendly smile. That was amazing!

How do you see yourself evolving within MCA?

I feel really comfortable at MCA. I can communicate easily with all business unit managers and even with the CEO, Pascal. He has made a very cool, transparent and flat organization at the MCA Netherlands. So changing my project/assignment according to my desired goals is easily possible and achievable.

What is your project at the moment, with which client?

I am Project Manager at NavInfo Company. The project is about making HD maps to utilize in Autonomous Drive by big German Automakers.

Fun fact about you?

If I were not an engineer, I would definitely become a historian or politician. Politics and history are my biggest favorite topics to read and also discuss with friends.

What is the main advantage about working in the Nederlands, in your opinion?

Netherlands and in particular, Eindhoven is a nice place to work, improve your capabilities, and experience an international working environment.

Favorite movie?

Oh difficult to choose the best: Inception, Good Fellas, and Match point

Last Netflix show you enjoyed?

Narcos and House of Cards

Main hobby in life?

Good movies and good music (no pop music please haha)

If you were a Friends character you’d be …?

I could be Leonard in Big Bang Theory haha

Top tip to succeed in this industry?

Be focused on your work; Work hard; Follow the trends in the industry; Try to understand the politics if you work in a big company; Try to learn new things every day; and last but not the least, have a good transparent communication with your colleagues and enjoy your time at work!

Thank you so much Herman for your meaningful feedbacks !

We wish you an amazing career within MCA.

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